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Checking your bank account every now and then isn't budgeting

Money Tip:

Checking your bank account every now and then is not budgeting.

👉🏼Even if you have loads of money, you still should know where your money is going.

👉🏼Have some sort of budgeting system. Here are a few ideas below!

  1. Use apps such as Every Dollar

  2. Use excel spreadsheet templates. I have a free one on my website.

  3. Use budget planners.

  4. Go old fashion pen and paper.

👉🏼Have a budgeting schedule- Daily, weekly, or monthly. I prefer weekly. Just pick a day of the week and every week you sit down for 20 minutes and update your spending.

👉🏼If you are just checking your bank account you are bound to miss something. Also, if you are tracking your spending, I guarantee you, you’re probably spending more than you think.

👉🏼Having these weekly budget meetings will actually help you spend less and feel more in control of your money.

Start today friends!!!! You won’t regret it.

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