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Single ladies on Valentine's Day

For all my single ladies out there….here’s some encouragement on this Valentine’s Day.

Love yourself, love life, and love this season. I am in your shoes so I know the ups and downs of singleness but one thing is certain, worrying about the future or being sad about being single doesn’t actually change our situation it just makes our emotional state worse.

So let’s just choose to have some fun. Let’s choose to do some major self-care. Let’s choose to get our finances in order. Let’s choose to believe that our day is coming. Let’s choose to believe that God will use our story of waiting to help others. Let’s choose to use our time wisely while we have it. Let’s choose to be an encouragement to other women who are waiting for God to provide a husband.

Remember though a man will not complete us and we have not “arrived” once we are married. Learn to love yourself and life BEFORE he comes along! A woman who does not love herself cannot give much love to others.

You are strong. You are enough. He IS coming. You are beautiful. There is nothing wrong with you. ❤️


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