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3 Daily Affirmations

Start your day right with a positive mindset with these 3 affirmations.

Why affirmations are important

It's important that we speak positive words over ourselves. What we hear out loud affects our thoughts. Our thoughts affect our feelings. Our feelings affect our actions. Our actions affect our behavior. Our behavior can alter our future.

1. I am loved!

It's important to remind yourself that you are loved by our heavenly Father. Whether you are married, single, divorced, widowed, hurting, childless, lonely, or just in a rough season...none of those affect the love of our Father. His love is unwavering and I find comfort in reminding myself daily that if no one else loves me at least I know my creator loves me. And that's enough.

2. I am strong!

You may not feel strong but stating that you are strong out loud will give you the push of motivation you need. If you are telling yourself over and over, "I can't do this", "how will I ever make it", "I will never get over this", then you will start to actually believe it and feel like you can't move forward. Repeating the opposite daily, "I CAN do this", I WILL make it through this", I WILL get over this".... see don't you feel better just reading that? You can be your own encourager!

3. Today is going to be a good day!

Speaking positively about your day is imperative. I know this from experience. If I am walking into work thinking..."Ugh I dread this", "Today is going to be another one of those day", "I hate Mondays", "I don't feel like working today" (and I've said ALL of these) then most likely my day is not going to be good because I will see everything through the lense of what I told myself that morning. I have found that as I am walking into work or getting ready and speak positively that it makes a huge difference in my day. EVEN if you don't believe these things, try to speak some of these out loud before your day.

  • "Today is going to be great!"

  • "It's a Monday but it's going to be productive!"

  • "I am a boss!"

  • "I can get through this day"



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