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How I got out of debt

.....the quick version.

👉🏼A lot of self-discipline. I said no to a lot of things.

👉🏼No spend months. Normally I do them in January but they are months that I don’t shop, don’t go out to eat, etc. I only buy complete necessities.

👉🏼Side hustles. This can really help you speed up the process! Every extra dollar you make from side hustles should go to your lowest debt balance.

👉🏼Budgeting. The better grasp you have on where your money goes the better you’ll be able to reign it in. I promise you if you aren’t budgeting you’re likely overspending in some categories.

👉🏼Huge sacrifices. This goes along with self discipline a little but I temporarily gave up what I wanted. I lived with family, friends, Craigslist roommates, and even lived in my friend’s sunroom for a little bit!

👉🏼Listened to every money related podcast and book there was to learn and motivate me

If you haven't already, go check out my crazy money story on Youtube!



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