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Money Tip | Budget for fun money!

👉🏼Fun money is for things like fun TJ Maxx runs, Starbucks treats, a night out with the girl, etc.

👉🏼I think it’s important to budget for fun money because it allows yourself to enjoy the money you earned but controlled.

👉🏼Budgeting for your fun money depends on where you are in your money journey. If you are just starting out with paying off debt & saving I would recommend a smaller amount.

👉🏼When I first started out with my money journey I only allowed $100 towards fun money per month.

👉🏼I recommend taking out the monthly budgeted amount in cash because it will help you tangilbly see how much you have left and it will help you not go over. It’s been proven over and over that when you spend cash versus a credit or debt card you spend less because you see it physically leaving your hand. Cash isn’t easy to do for all categories but I recommend it for the ones you can! (Groceries, restaurants, fun money)



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