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Money Tip | Get rid of your credit cards

Before you come at me here me out.

👉🏼Credit cards are a temptation. If you take away the temptation, you’re likely to stay out of trouble. If you struggle with shopping why would you keep that temptation?

👉🏼Don’t buy anything that you can’t afford to pay with cash.

👉🏼Before you get rid of them, save a minimum of $1,000 for emergencies so that you can use that instead of a credit card for any unknown emergency expenses. A shoe sale is not an emergency expense :-)

👉🏼If you struggle with debt, struggle living paycheck to paycheck, and struggle with buying things you don’t necessarily need then the cash rewards, travel rewards, etc is NOT worth it. Would you rather be out of debt or get an extra $15 every month?? I know these rewards vary but until you can control your spending and you are debt free, stay away from credit cards.

👉🏼There are other ways to build your credit score like Experian Boost, credit builder loans, and pay your bills on time lol.



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