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Money Tip | Ask yourself this question when shopping

Ask yourself before you buy clothes or any non-essential, do I actually LOVE LOVE this?

👉🏼If I actually calculated how much I spent on clothes I barely wore or some NOT AT ALL, I would probably cry lol.

👉🏼I learned from a friend of mine… shout out to Jordan…. That when you are trying on clothes and you don’t instantly think ooooooh that looks good or this fits perfectly, then put it back on the rack. If you have to talk yourself into buying in, you won’t wear it or you’ll only wear it because you spent money on it and now feel obligated to wear it. I know this because I’ve done it.

👉🏼Also ask yourself, would I rather have this or pay off my debt earlier? Would I rather have this or be financially free sooner? Would I rather have this or put an extra in savings this month? I’ve talked about this before but it’s worth repeating. Little decisions over and over will add up. Being financially smart is 90% self control if not more.

👉🏼I’m definitely not telling you to stop shopping all together, just be smart about it! Only buy things that you need or you LOVE LOVE and fit like a glove (of course if they are reasonably priced)



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