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Save on Groceries

Money Tip:

Having a list and plan before you go to the grocery store will save a lot of money and time.

👉🏼When you go to the grocery store without a list or plan, you’ll walk around aimlessly grabbing items that you don’t need or just grabbing them because you are hungry.

👉🏼On Sundays I sit down and look through Pinterest recipes to pick out 2 for the week. Lately I’ve been grocery shopping on Monday so this gives me time to think through what I want to eat for the week.

👉🏼Grocery pickup will also help prevent impulse buying so if you have it available in your area you should do it! I love the Walmart grocery pick up personally

👉🏼Planning will also help you eat healthier. Usually when you buy something unhealthy in the store (candy bar, ice cream, etc) it’s impulsive and not planned.You usually don’t plan to eat terribly for the week.



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